The Best Business I Have Ever Owned, and I’ve Owned 25

I have really enjoyed my journey in owning, writing about, speaking about, and consulting with small businesses. When I sold my most successful business in 2007, a plastics manufacturing business with sales over $5,000,000, I became a consultant. During the past 10+ years I consulted with 180 different businesses, and I found this new business to be the most satisfying of any I’d ever owned. I told many friends: “I wish I’d started consulting 20 years earlier.”


Consulting was amazing.

MasterMinds is Mindboggling Fun and Personally Enriching!!


Here’s the thing. I love learning. I am curious about everything, and really enjoy researching and finding out about subjects from Christianity to Darwin, and Global Warming to Real Estate trends. So every time we have a MasterMind meeting, the members are teaching me about their businesses, experiences, and methods. WOW! My wife, Toni, says that I come home from these meetings and my eyes are spinning!


Consulting saw slow changes in my clients.

MasterMind brings about super-fast change!


Why do I write and speak about small business? Because I love to see folks succeed. One of the reasons I loved consulting more than actual operation of a manufacturing plant was seeing other business owners get better at what they were doing and become more successful.


But many of my consulting clients were slow to change. Even though they paid me for my advice, they fought me on many of the best ideas. With MasterMind, the ideas come from the peers in the room, not me. And the members are held accountable for their decisions to make changes by those same peers. And it works!


How Can You Get Into Your Own MasterMInd group?


We are opening groups throughout Southern California. If you are in SoCal, just call me or email me, and we’ll get you into a group. 310-910-1848 or RandyKirk77@gmail.com


If you aren’t in Southern California, I’d like to help you form a group in your area using our proven methods. If that sounds like a fantastic idea, call me at 310-910-1848 or email me at RandyKirk77@gmail.com