Randy W. Kirk


The Back Story on When Friday Isn’t Payday

Way, way back in the 1980’s, I was successfully running three businesses, writing books and articles for the bicycle industry, and speaking at trade shows. To that point in my career, I had been primarily in the bicycle industry, but had very successfully sold over 30 other industries and had customers on four continents.


I began to see a trend


All businesses with 10 or fewer employees were very much alike. When companies broke out above 10 employees, the needed to change. The major necessary change was a delegation of responsibility from the owner to the employees, but there were many other changes also. My big AHA was that a bike shop, a locksmith shop, a bakery, a law firm, and even the local church were all very similar in their needs, skill requirements, marketing, and management when they were under ten employees.


Under Ten Employees


So I started writing a book called: Under Ten Employees. I finished most of the book and started shopping it around. I eventually networked my way to a New York City Literary Agent. Her name was Denise Marcil. She wasn’t just any literary agent. She was the president of the New York City Literary Agents Association.


She loved the book, and she took it to several publishers. They turned her down!! She was shocked. She knew that the content was spot on and needed by small companies. How did she recognize the value? She was a small business.


The name changes and the rest is history


Denise took the book to the next meeting of the Association. She threw the manuscript on the table and said: “This book is a potential bestseller. The publishers are turning it down. What do I need to do?”


They all concurred that the title was killing it. The members of the New York Literary Agents Association brainstormed and came up with the name When Friday Isn’t Payday. The very next week three major publishers were in a bidding war to get the book!


Warner Business Books, a division of Time Warner, won the bidding war. The book did so well that Warner asked for the 2nd edition in 2004. With all the changes in publishing, I decided to self-publish the third edition. If you already own it, I hope you’re enjoying the book. Please do a review. If you haven’t purchased your Kindle, Paperback, or Audible yet, what are you waiting for? (Oh, the Audible should be available by the end of November, just in time for Christmas gifts.