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25th Anniversary Revised Version

 Includes Special Online Members’ Only Content

Inc. reviewed 200 business books in search of the small business Bible. Included in the final three they selected was When Friday Isn’t Payday. Here’s what Inc. said:


“My favorite section of When Friday Isn’t Payday is called ‘Dealing with Crisis.’ There, Kirk takes a couple of classic small company crises-such as not meeting payroll-and calmly lists possible solutions. This is Kirk at his best, an experienced small business owner figuratively at your side, keeping panic at bay with practical solutions. What separates this book from the pack is relentless practicality.”

Here’s What You’ll Learn
  • Keys to small-business success

  • How to increase sales and profits

  • Steps to starting a small business

  • The principles of selling success in any business

  • Setting goals for yourself and your business

  • How to hire, fire, and manage people

  • How to market your business

  • How to buy a business

  • How to get money for your business

  • How to plan everything.


The book has 400 pages of practical steps to more sales, more profits, and more peace of mind PLUS – NOW includes over 225 pages of bonus material in a members’ only website:


  • The Elon Musk Method

  • What Was Napoleon Hill Thinking?

  • Finding Pearls of Profits in Your Financial Statements

  • 2018 Guide to Social Media Marketing

  • Detailed Guide to Website Design and SEO basics

  • How to Rank #1 on GoogleMyBusiness

  • Doing Hard Things – The Secret to Small Business Success

  • Why Do You Want an LLC? Why Not a “C”? or an “S”?

Who Should Read
When Friday Isn't Payday

  1. Anyone starting their own business

  2. Entrepreneurs starting another business

  3. Those buying a business or franchise

  4. Owners and managers wanting to learn the basics of:

    • Goal Setting

    • Forecasting

    • Budgeting

    • Finance

    • Sales

    • Accounting

    • Hiring, firing, managing and motivating

    • Marketing

    • Online advertising

    • Social Media

    • Selling a business

    • Crowdfunding

    • Crisis management

    • Website development

    • Networking

  5. Owners making major decisions about expansion, contraction, adding new lines, raising money, incorporating, selecting a location, adding a partner.

  6. Business school students and professors

The online section of the book will be in constant flux to take advantage of changes that can have a huge impact on your business:

  • What are the important factors in online marketing in 2019

  • New ways to finance your business using crowdfunding

  • Reviews and Links to new books that can help you improve your business

  • Changes in the law that might affect your company

  • What’s happening on Google, Amazon, eBay, and more.

Over the past 45 years, Randy Kirk has founded 24+ small businesses ranging from retail to manufacturing, advertising agency to business consulting, and mail order to Amazon.


During the past 10 years,

Kirk consulted with 180 companies including

plastic surgeon, chiropractor, doctors, dentists, retailers, restaurants, importers, appliance repair, bankruptcy lawyers, personal injury attorneys, acting school, language school, chimney sweep, mortgage brokers, real estate agents.


During the past year, Kirk founded SoCal MasterMinds and has worked with another 25 small businesses including advertising agency, accounting firms, managed services, computer repair, online marketing company, precision machine shop.


What others are saying

“A must-read for the self-starter entrepreneur! I absolutely love this book "When Friday Isn't a Payday"! Kirk gives straightforward, actionable advice on how to succeed in small business today. If you're looking for a roadmap to be successful in business, this book is it!”

----- Kelli Holmes is the founder and CEO of TEAM Referral Network -----


“Right on target with nuts-and-bolts explanations. . . a well-researched, easy to understand guide. . . [I] wish Kirk had written this book fifteen years ago!”

----- Susan Meadow is the publisher of Meadow Publications, Inc. -----